Precompiled binary is available at hurl-1.3.1-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

curl -sL | tar xvz -C $INSTALL_DIR
export PATH=$INSTALL_DIR/hurl-1.3.1:$PATH

hurl --version
hurl 1.3.1

Debian / Ubuntu

For Debian / Ubuntu, Hurl can be installed using a binary .deb file provided in each Hurl release.

curl -LO
sudo dpkg -i hurl_1.3.1_amd64.deb

Arch Linux / Manjaro (via AUR)

hurl-bin package for Arch Linux and derived distros.


Precompiled binary is available at hurl-1.3.1-x86_64-osx.tar.gz

Hurl can also be installed with Homebrew:

brew tap jcamiel/hurl
brew install hurl

hurl --version
hurl 1.3.1


An installer is available at hurl-1.3.1-win64-installer.exe

Hurl can also be installed from a standalone zip file You will need to update your PATH variable.


If you’re a Rust programmer, Hurl can be installed with cargo.

cargo install hurl


Hurl can be build from source (available in GitHub)

Hurl - JVM Based

A jvm flavour is also available as a standalone fat JAR at Hurl JVM.